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ib is a great fandom but for one big problem

and that would be the number of garry/ib shippers

it is not the age gap that bothers me—it is the way that the shippers casually ignore the fact that garry is probably gay?

he’s vague about why he talks in lavender linguistics when you ask, but considering that the person asking is a nine-year-old kid, that’s pretty understandable (there’s a time and place for explaining to a little girl what homosexuality is and when you’re trying to escape a place where everything’s trying to kill you is not it)

there’s every possibility that garry’s speech pattern does not reflect his sexual identity, but there’s also every possibility that it does, and the way that the shippers just pretend that this isn’t a thing really really bothers me

(and no, the fact that everyone is more than happy to queer mary does not help)

(it actually makes things worse in some cases—now we have the double problem of erasing male gayness and fetishizing female gayness that’s so prevalent all over the internet! grr.)

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